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What is a Gulet?

A Gulet is a large traditional motor yacht usually made of wood, many years ago they were used primarily as commercial trade vessels transporting goods around the coast. Modern Gulets are still made to the original design having 1, 2 and sometimes 3 masts. The engines are large enough to power the yacht for its entire voyage, however when the wind is favorable these yachts can achieve reasonable speeds under sail.

There are three main types of Gulet in Turkey, the standard Gulet, the Ayna Ketch and the Tirhandil. Of the three types, the Tirhandil is the closest to the original Gulet design and the most suited for cruising under sail. The only changes to the original design was the development of the Ketch Gulet which has a raised aft deck accommodating between 1 and 4 cabins below. Most modern charter Gulets are of this type since they accommodate more cabins.

Gulet Charter or Cabin-Only Cruise?

A Gulet charter is for those who require the independence to plan their own itinerary, usually suitable for large groups. Cabin only cruises, available for 3, 4 or 7 days are ideally suitable for singles, couples and small groups.

Gulet Standards
  • Standard comfortable and adequate, this is the most economical Gulet available.
  • Deluxe these Gulets offer a higher standard and more on board facilities.
  • Luxury more spacious, essentially a floating five star hotel.
  • Super Luxury the most luxurious Gulets available in Turkey, with levels of comfort and service to match.

Making a Reservation

To check availability and make a provisional reservation simply complete our customized inquiry form.

  • Gulet Private Charters

As soon as we receive the completed form we will check availability, send you a quotation, our booking details and the payment options available. On receipt of payment using any of the options offered we will send you an e-ticket/voucher by email or fax together with the all the final details.

Accommodation Options
Gulets are quite large vessels, it's not surprising then that the cabins are also reasonably large, accommodating full size beds. All the Gulets in our listing have cabins with private en-suite bathroom facilities. Most cabins have double beds, however some Gulets offer other berth options including single, twin and triple beds. Details are included on our Gulets listing.

Joining the Gulet and Boarding
Location maps for the main Gulet Charter/Cruise departure ports in Turkey are here:
Antalya | Bodrum | Fethiye | Gocek | Karacasogut | Marmaris

The checking-in procedure is included with our final information. Normally the Gulet can be boarded any time between 15:00 and 19:00 on the first day of the charter/cruise [or between 09:00 and 10:00 for three day cabin-only mini-cruises].

Meal Arrangements

There are two meal arrangements available:

  1. Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared and served by the crew, priced per person per day excluding VAT, the meal plans available are:
    - Standard full board meals Euro 35.
    - Deluxe full board meals Euro 50.
    - Luxury full board meals Euro 70.
  2. Half board, breakfast and lunch only, prepared and served by the crew, priced per person per day excluding VAT, the meal plans available are:
    - Standard half board meals Euro 25.
    - Deluxe half board meals Euro 40.
    - Luxury half board meals Euro 55.
  3. Self Catering, you provide the food for the passengers and crew, there is no additional charge for meal preparation and service by the crew.

Drinks on Board

Bottled drinking water is included. All Gulets have a reasonably priced bar on board. It is also possible to bring your own drinks on board subject to a corkage fee, details are available on request.

Facilities On-Board
Most Gulets in our listing include air-conditioning, a detailed list of the facilities for each Gulet is available on request. Daytime temperatures on the sea are lower than on land, air-conditioning is not always required, especially during the early and late season months of April, May, June, September and October.

One-Way Charters and Departures From Another Port

Normally all yacht/cruiser charters depart from and return to their home port. However, it is also possible to arrange for a yacht to be picked up from and left at other ports.

However, the time it takes to deliver the Gulet from or return it to its home port is calculated as part of the charter period. If a one-way charter or embarkation at another port is required the additional cost will be included in our quotation.

In some instances, depending on distance and the time of year this arrangement may not be possible.

Leaving the Gulet
The charter/cruise ends after breakfast on the day of departure.
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